Conquer Your Chaos, Simplify Your Life, and Get Organized...

(even if you're feeling overwhelmed and don't know where to start)

Sherry Borsheim

Sherry Borsheim Simply Productive

Are you feeling overwhelmed, things slipping through the cracks, or you're not sure where to start when it comes to getting organized? You're in the right place. Let's simplify your life, set a plan in motion, and create systems that work for you.  

You're wondering when you'll ever have time to get your business organized with so much on your plate and you're way too busy. Creating filing systems, getting your Inbox to zero, email and time management training, office orgainzing are some of the area we can help you get organized.

We help you reclaim your space and create organizing system that work for you at home, at work and in your life. We make the organizing process simple, easy and fun for you.

Reclaim your space today!

Our Services

Organizing and Productivity Services for Businesses and Individuals. With over 17 years creating personalized systems that reduce stress and anxiety, increase your effeciency, and gives you more free time. 

Home Organizing Services

Transform your home, your life, and clear out the clutter with Sherry Borsheim, Organizer and Productivity Expert. Together we co-create personalized systems, transfer organizing skills to reduce clutter, easy systems to maintain, and have more free time, peace, and calm in your life.  

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Office Organizing Sevices

Transform your office space, your business, and your life. Get your Inbox to zero, organize your computer files, and calm the chaos in your work space. Have less stress and anxiety, and increased effeciency. Save money and time with more efficient systems and processes.

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Productivity and Life Coaching

Transform your everyday overwhelm and stress into new possibilities for your life. Custom-tailored coaching to breakthrough barriers in personal organization and productivity and create a life that lights you up! Discover how to calm the chaos in your life, home and workspace. 

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Training and Speaking Services

At Simply Productive we take immense pride in customizing our approach at speaking engagements. We want to know your audience and their needs. We do have keynote presentations available that can be used as is, we are happy to personalize those for your organization.

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What Our Clients Say


“We used to waste a lot of time searching for documents. Now, we can search and retrieve documents quickly. We got rid of the clutter and created a lot of physical space and a more pleasant and positive working space. Having an organized office space is liberating! It has helped us operate more efficiently and saves at least an hour a day. The organizing journey was surprisingly easy and fun. Thanks to Sherry for helping us Conquer our Chaos!”

Melanie, Simon Fraser University, Administrative and Professional Staff Association 

“Sherry has helped us in the office and it has made a huge difference to our effectiveness and organization.I would highly recommend her if you are in need of a clear out.”

Lynn Robinson, NLP Coach, The Robinson Group 

“You saved me from spending thousands of dollars on unnecessary software & time management programs. You came into my office and went to work setting up a system that was just right for my business. You helped me focus and find more time by implementing the simple organizational steps from your book Conquer Your Chaos. So thankful!”

Jan Addams, Interior Designer, Image to Interior Inc.



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