You’re an action taker. You get things done. You’re someone who is passionate about what you do.

You juggle a lot of projects and your to do list is a mile long. Your inbox is overflowing and the top of your desk is covered with the clutter that impacts your productivity.

You’re ready to find the way out of overwhelm for your digital clutter, and to see your physical space transform with organizing systems that work for you.

You’re tired of wasting time searching for files and missing out on opportunities.

Whether you want to get your inbox to zero, get your computer files organized, or have a clutter-free and organized office or home, I can help.

Simply dreaming about getting organized is one thing. Making it happen is another. Let’s do this together.



I’m able to see through the clutter and chaos to create efficient systems that work for you.

As a Professional Organizer, I work with online business owners who are overwhelmed with their cluttered spaces and digital chaos. They’re tired of wasting time searching for files and missing out on opportunities. I help them create efficient systems so they can run their businesses with focus and finally experience the freedom of an organized workspace.

Life Transitions Happen.

I always knew that I wanted to start my own business but I didn’t know what I wanted to do. One day while jogging with a friend, I mentioned that I wanted to help people get organized. That same week I mentioned this to another close friend and she said it was something that I was great at. I’ve always been the person to find a way to organize out of clutter and chaos, creating efficient filing systems so staff can quickly find files. Even in my personal life, I’ve helped others find organization like a friend who needed help to organize her craft business.

Two weeks later, my friend mentioned that there was an organizer on TV and that I should read her book. When I did, I knew this was my dream business. For the next year, while still working full time, I worked nights and weekends developing my organizing systems while helping a friend organize her craft business and home. After leaving my dream job of 13 years, I took a transition job with a goal of starting my own business within 3 years. The company I worked for was also in transition and being bought out. I was more than ready to start my business but not ready to leave the security of a regular paycheck and benefits. My time was cut short only after 18 months due to cutbacks. This was exactly the push I needed and I like to call this my life ticket to pursue my dream of launching an organizing business.

I took a month off to enjoy the freedom of no agenda. Then got serious about starting my new business. I was terrified to speak at networking events and I knew I needed help creating a plan of action to market my business. Coaching was a fairly new industry at the time and my goal was to find a local business coach who could help me get over my fear of public speaking, then help me create joint ventures and referral alliances to grow my business. It wasn’t easy finding a business coach with a marketing background. After interviewing over a dozen coaches I hired Jennifer, this amazing business coach. It was a huge leap of faith to hire her at $500 a month when I had no money coming in.

Within 2 weeks, I had the confidence to ask my friend, with the craft business, for three referrals and she gave me two. Those two new clients were huge projects that turned into ongoing clients for over a decade.


In the beginning there were many new systems and processes to be set up. Then as my business grew and developed the need to be mobile device friendly, I had to update my systems to work smarter, not harder. Being organized came naturally to me and I was always looking for ways to take my skills to the next level.


I also learned that what works for me may not work for someone else and that there’s no one-size fits all solution to getting organized. There are key foundational organizing principles and from there I help my clients customize their organizing solutions to work for them.


In the first year of business it was very clear that paper clutter and filing systems was the #1 issue my clients called me for help both at work and at home. Email and computer file clutter was a close second. I knew from my 18 years in the corporate world that A to Z filing systems breakdown over time, company year end paperwork creates a lot of archive boxes, and gathering papers for tax time is very stressful for many people. That’s when I set out to find a better filing solution.

That same year, I found another business organizer, Deb, in Toronto who was using the Paper Tiger filing system with her clients. At first I resisted the thought of using a numbering system until I flew out to take her 2 Day Professional Organizers Business Training to tag along on a job with her. Once I saw how she set up the Paper Tiger filing system with her client, I knew this was going to set my business apart and that I introduced my clients to the system, they’d want it, too. A year later, I was teaching Deb’s Professional Organizers Training Course to 12 women and it was a highlight for me to overcome my fear of public speaking.

As a Certified Paper Tiger Trainer, it opened up new business opportunities to expand into the corporate world and set my business apart. Clients loved the numbering system and how easy it is to find files and archive boxes in 5 seconds or less.

After using Paper Tiger with clients for over a decade, the owners of Paper Tiger filing system approached me to create a certification course and be the exclusive trainer for the Paper Tiger filing system.


Today, I’m proud to share that I’ve helped thousands of businesses and homeowners set up filing and archive systems so they can find files fast and transform spaces faster than ever before!! I’ve helped people get their inbox to zero, establish best practices for email overload, records management and time management strategies to take their performance to the next level of efficiency.

I’m the Founder and Past Chair of Professional Organizers of Canada (BC Chapter), a Certified Professional Coach, and volunteers for Dress Success and church organizations.


I am passionate about helping entrepreneurs simplify and get organized in their business, their home, and their lives. I believe in calming the chaos to create a business and life that supports a life they love.

With my practical, proven organizing strategies, step-by-step action plans, and inspiration, I love helping people simplify their lives through through speaking, training, on-site services and coaching. Whether it’s your closet, garage, home office or place of work, our work together will transform your physical or digital space. It’s life-changing!

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Sherry’s been featured on HGTV Makeover Wish, CKNW Radio and eWomenNetwork Radio. She is in other popular publications like The Huffington Post, Style at Home, BC Business, Staples, Martha Stewart Whole Living, The Globe and Mail, Women’s Health Magazine, Office Depot and The Vancouver Sun and The National Post. Her clients include entrepreneurs, executives, working moms, and her advice, products and training have been sought after by Vancity, Earls Restaurant, CPA Canada, National Research Council, Simon Fraser University, UBC, Western Economic Diversification, Small Business BC, Curves, Grand & Toy, BC Rail, First Nations Communities, Erickson College, HUB International, Mellon Financial, and 1000’s of people globally conquering their clutter.