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Calm Your Home Chaos!

“Your home is your haven. Let me show you
how to de-clutter and get organized
in every room of your home for renewed peace of mind.”

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Just imagine reclaiming your bedroom and creating a sanctuary or being able to park your car in the garage and having easy access to everything.  How about eliminating all the piles of papers and stuff on your kitchen counters and every other flat surface in your home?

We give you organizing solutions for every room in your home with step-by-step instructions featuring audio, video, printable forms and more.


Create Home Organizing Systems

that Work for You and Your Home!

From closets to garages, Calm Your Home Chaos tackles your home organizing projects so you can spend time on what is important to you, rather than wasting time looking for misplaced items. We show you how to get the job done in less time and save you money by getting the job done right the first time.

 When Homes are Organized…life is easier!

 Our unique products, systems and processes free up time and space you never knew you had. Gain control of every room, drawer, cupboard, storage bin, shelf and wall unit you have. Say goodbye to clutter – and say hello to an organized, highly functional, and simply productive home.

Our Calm Your Home Chaos can be personalized to suit the unique needs and challenges you have. From your bedroom to your garage – the Calm Your Home Chaos will help you F.A.S.T™ forward to maximum efficiency in your home.

Here’s how to get your complete system

for the

Calm Your Home Chaos!

Only $197!

30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

Here’s what clients had to say

“I love how things “just get done” when you are here and that the organizing projects get completed! As usual, after you’ve been here, I get inspired to purge other areas in my home. I love my new organized rooms and closets and begin my day with less stress. Thank you for your expertise and great organizing solutions.”

Sheila, Business Owner & Mother


I am very happy with the solutions Sherry provided. She is a real problem-solver who can find a place for anything and everything! Sherry is very creative and ingenious when it comes to organizing. I feel more confident now and my mind is less cluttered. My kitchen was a mess and Sherry succeeded in creating a series of functional systems which reduce my cooking time and preparing for guests. The kitchen looks clean all the time so no worries to invite friends and business in any moment of the day.”

Maryana Roman, USANA


You get the ultimate Calm Your Home Chaos
systems and processes that we’ve used
to get homes organized for over a decade!

Core challenges in most homes result from a lack of efficient shelving capacity, storage space, organizing solutions, too much stuff or regular maintenance. Addressing the challenges in each key area of the home (one by one) will allow you to target your needs in a systematic fashion – therefore removing overwhelm, confusion, stress and the barriers associated with getting it back in order.

It does not have to happen overnight – nor does it have to happen over a week or a month; the pace at which you get organized is up to you. The manner in which you do it is how we can help you.


Here’s what you will get in the
Calm Your Home Chaos


“You’ll receive our ultimate step-by-step Calm Your Home Chaos program so you’re ready to go

1.  You get BRAND NEW Organizing Videos to watch on your Computer, iPad or Tablet – Lifetime Access, 24/7

Sherry Borsheim will show you how to organize every area of your home and teach you the organizing skills so you can customize your organizing systems so they work for you, your family and your home.  You get access to the private members area where all the training videos and downloads are.  You get lifetime access, 24/7.

In these videos Sherry will be sharing how to create and set up specific home organizing systems that will save you time in the morning and make your day run smoother.  You will then take what you learned and implement your next action steps into your home. Each video is short and focuses on organizing one drawer, cupboard and room at a time.  Sherry helps you create organizing systems that work for you and are easy for you to maintain ongoing.

Here’s what you will get in this 10 module online program

  • Module 1 – Home Organizing Game Plan
  • Module 2 – Organize Your Home Office, Papers, Financial Files and Schedules
  • Module 3 – Organize Your Front Entrance, Coat Closet and Mud Rooms
  • Module 4 – Organize Your Kitchen, Recipes and Dining Room
  • Module 5 – Organize Your Bedroom, Clothes Closet, Shoes and Jewelry
  • Module 6 – Organizing Kids’ Rooms
  • Module 7 – Organize Your Family Room, Living room, Hobbies and Crafts
  • Module 8 – Organize Your Basement, Garage, Attic and Fitness Area
  • Module 9 – Organize Your Bathroom, Laundry Room and Linen Closet
  • Module 10 – Organize Your Photos and Keepsakes

Our organizing solutions help you be organized, make organization seamless and easy to maintain in your home; we’re focused on helping you de-cluttering your home and enjoy your family and your leisure life without the stress.

By introducing unique products, systems and services to your home – you free up time and space that you never thought you had available. We can help you gain control of every room, drawer, cupboard, storage bin, shelf and wall unit you have. We can teach you how to condense the small household items as well as the large items taking up too much space. And we will show you how to transform your cluttered spaces into a simply productive home!

2. You get our Done-for-You Digital Downloads that you can personalize (UPDATED)

Access to digital downloadable forms, checklists and templates used in Calm Your Home Chaos  that you can customize for your own use. This saves you time and money!

You will receive digital downloads for the following:

  • Assessment tool
  • Checklists (we know you love checklists!)
  • Home Schedules
  • Planning and action forms
  • Vital documents form
  • Family Reference Binder forms
  • Travel packing checklist
  • FAST Workflow Chart
  • And many others…

3.  My time-saving Recommended Resources and Products List (UPDATED)

  • Links to Sherry’s resources and favorite products so you get the product details and where to buy them
  • Finding the right products and resources will save you a ton of time
  • Shop with confidence knowing that these resources have been tried and tested by a professional

4.  You get BRAND NEW Videos on Sherry’s Favorite Organizing Products (NEW) 

The biggest mistake people make when getting organized is they go shopping first and buy organizing products and containers, only to find out later, that they didn’t work.  That’s a huge waste of time and money!  Sherry LOVES organizing products and is constantly testing and researching products that are highly functional, beautiful and good quality.  You’ll see what Sherry’s favorite organizing products are, how she uses them, ideas on how they will make your life a lot easier and help you stay organized!  The right tool and product can make all the difference to maintaining your systems.

5.  Get Access to Sherry in the Private Community Section (NEW)

This is one of the most valuable sections of this organizing program!  You get 1-1 access with Sherry to help you with your specific organizing challenges and projects.  You can post your before and after photos and ask Sherry your organizing questions so you get your projects done quicker and with less stress!  Plus you’ll see what other projects people are working on.  This private group is a dynamic group of stay-at-home moms, working professionals and entrepreneurs who inspire one another to take action and move forward from around the world!

Here’s what one another homeowner has to say:

“I feel more at peace in my office. Looking at my shelves and desk no longer create anxiety inside me. I feel more “on top of things”. I feel like getting rid of chaos and extra stuff is making room for new things to come in that better serve me. Having you here to get me focused on it and all your great ideas for organizing, storing, and customized systems was indeed the best part. I think everyone should have someone like you come in and stir things up! Thanks for everything!”

Carla Rieger, Professional Speaker, Yes Education Systems.

Our Calm Your Home Chaos can be personalized to suit the unique needs and challenges you have. From your bedroom to your garage – the Calm Your Home Chaos will help you F.A.S.T™ forward to maximum efficiency in your home.

Here’s how to get your complete system

for the

Calm Your Home Chaos!

BRAND NEW Videos and Product Resources

Only $197!

30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

If you keep doing what you’ve always done, you’re going to keep getting the same results. NOW is the time to make a change.

I look forward to helping YOU receive the key home ORGANIZING SOLUTIONS and systems to the TIME, FREEDOM and PEACE OF MIND you know you want in your home and in your life!

P.S. If you have any questions please contact us.

P.S.S. You may need to purchase a few supplies to setup your organizing systems.  When you set up your office supply account you’ll get our EXTENDED DISCOUNTED PRICING as well.