Streamline Your Business
and Get Organizing Systems in Place
for Higher Efficiency!

Make no mistake – we have worked with all sorts of office spaces.  Some large and many small. We do understand the idiosyncrasies that are inherent with small work-spaces.

    • Your offices are smaller so you need smaller furniture
    • Your desks are smaller so everything on them are closer together
    • You have less desk space overall
    • You have less work space overall
    • You have less storage space for certain
    • You tend to stack more or pack more on top of things
    • You are forced to get wildly resourceful about where the old stuff goes
    • There are far less hiding places for all the little things
    • Clutter seems inevitable!
    • And you still need all the same stuff as a larger office might and perhaps even more depending on your type of business too.

At Simply Productive we make workspaces flow better so that your employee’s are significantly more productive.

Whatever your functional needs are, we can ensure that they are met and that more free time is available going forward.

Here’s how we do it

Coaching / Consulting: 

Sometimes staff are disorganized because they have not been trained to be organized. We customize the training for your office environment on the following topics:

      • Electronic File Management
      • Paper & Records Management
      • Email Management
      • Archiving and Storage File Management
      • Time Management & Productivity

We train your staff to keep their workspaces highly efficient…or you can have us build a customized training program for your unique needs.

For more information or to schedule your session, contact us at or call 604-233-7076.