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If you are a Productivity Consultant, Professional Organizer,
Virtual Assistant or Coach, 
and you want more revenue opportunities – you will want to read this!

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When you become a Certified Paper Tiger Expert, you bring a whole new meaning to “organizing” and you give more time back to your clients than you ever could without certification.

Become a Certified Paper Tiger Expert and expand your business.  A Certified Paper Tiger Expert is someone who is passionate about organizing offices and homes and creating filing systems to better manage paper, computer files and so much more!  This is a value added service you can be offering to your clients where you provide a high level service and product and you can make money while you’re doing it.

Not familiar with Paper Tiger?

You are in for a treat.  Paper Tiger truly is the best organizing solution on the PLANET!  It is a computer software — now available in the cloud (as an online software) – that dramatically improves ones ability to find anything filed, even if it could be filed in any number of folders.  In fact, the unwritten motto for this company is that “with Paper Tiger, you can find anything  you have ever filed in 5 seconds or less”!  This couldn’t be closer to the truth either.  Paper Tiger is the simplest filing system available on the market.

The only caveat is that it takes some time to set up and get to know.  That’s why you need our Certified Paper Tiger Training.  When you take our online self-study program, you get a complete 2 day training program to absorb how it works and how you can make it work magic for your clients PLUS you get ongoing support from us here at the Simply Productive.

You can completely transform your entire organizing
business with this add-on alone.

What is a Certified Paper Tiger Expert?

A Certified Paper Tiger Expert is someone who is passionate about organizing offices and homes and creating filing systems to better manage paper, computer files and so much more!  This is a value added service you can be offering to your clients where you provide a high level service and product and you can make money while you’re doing it.

8 Incredible Reasons To Become a Certified Paper Tiger Expert; Even If You Belong to Other Associations.

Have you heard the expression “don’t put all your eggs in one basket?”  As a business owner, you are in the business of marketing your services, not just providing the service.  Leverage your time and save marketing dollars by letting us help you with your marketing.  As a Certified Paper Tiger Expert, you will:

  • Have lead generating opportunities
  • Get Paper Tiger training for yourself and implementing with your clients
  • Be published inside the “Paper Tiger Online App” as an Expert
  • Be able to share ideas and network with like-minded business professionals
  • Collectively increase awareness in the marketplace of where to find a Professional Organizer & Productivity Consultant
  • Have opportunities to provide webinars on the Paper Tiger website
  • Be featured as an Expert on the Paper Tiger website
  • Leverage the exposure of the Paper Tiger website and Monticello Corporation and Simply Productive

Why do we license and certify?

Simply Productive is the exclusive trainer for Certified Paper Tiger Experts and has teamed up with The Monticello Corporation, makers of the best filing systems in the world, also known as the Paper Tiger and more recently, Digital Tiger.  Together we are increasing awareness and providing training and education for those who want to specialize in filing systems and office organization.

Just like doctors, lawyers, architects, designers and every other industry out there, people like to know they are hiring qualified experts to help them achieve their desired result.  Certification creates a standard in the industry and lets the consumer know that you are specialized in a specific area of expertise, in this case as a Certified Paper Tiger Expert, and people will be able to find you easier.   We also provide you with the training you need to help others set up efficient systems in their office using Digital Tiger.  Why reinvent the wheel and start from scratch when we can make it simple and easy for you to add another revenue stream to your business.

Why add Paper & Digital Tiger to your services?

Business professionals don’t know where to find help in setting up filing systems and business processes AND they are looking for consultants who specialize in office organization, streamlining business systems, processes and workflow.

More than ever before, businesses today are looking for:

  • One system to manage digital and paper files in one place
  • Filing systems that makes it easy to retrieve information
  • Ways to search and share information
  • Specialized experts to help them streamline, automate and systematize their business processes
  • A system that allows them to spend less time looking for information
  • Proven systems and processes that work in the real world
  • Access to their information from anywhere
  • Easy to implement organizing systems and solutions that are personalized for those using the systems
  • Ways to help their staff be more productive, and
  • Increase efficiency for increased profits

What really matters is helping others do the right things — working smarter versus harder.  Business owners know the value of doing the right things because their bottom line shows it, companies run more efficiently and staff is thrilled that they are getting help organizing their offices and making life easier for them!

The challenge for our clients is they don’t know about this amazing filing system, Paper & Digital Tiger, and it’s our job to educate them and help them find proven systems that work in the real world and can be customized to their work environment.  Therefore, creating customized organizing solutions for our clients is important because we believe that there is no one-size fits all solution for everyone!

But that’s not all you get when you become a Certified Paper Tiger Expert; here’s what Paper Tiger does for you — beyond the benefits of it’s software.

When You Are a Certified Paper Tiger Expert,  You Become Eligible to Receive Exclusive Paper Tiger Leads and Directory Listing straight from Paper Tiger!

When you become a Certified Paper Tiger Expert, you will have an exclusive directory listing in the Paper Tiger Online App.  When potential clients receive a free version or purchase Paper Tiger Online, your name will appear in the directory listing for potential clients to find you for additional help.  This gives you additional exposure to Paper Tiger users around the world. The Monticello Corporation will also refer any leads that they receive to Certified Paper Tiger Experts only.  The annual renewal fee is with Simply Productive and is $127 to maintain your Expert Status, directory listing, and receive on-going training.

Get a Paper Tiger Online Pro Account for FREE

As a Certified Paper Tiger Expert, you will receive a FREE Paper Tiger Online Pro Account from The Monticello Corporation so you can experience the software for yourself and be able to demonstrate it to your clients.  Paper Tiger is a great organizing and productivity tool to add to your services to help your clients be organized and be able to maintain the system you customize for them.

Receive Passive Income as an Affiliate or Reseller

The Monticello Corporation has an Affiliate and Reseller Program that pays you a commission on your Paper Tiger sales.  As a Certified Paper Tiger Expert you will receive an Affiliate commission of 15% and a Reseller commission of 30% when you sign up for both the Paper Tiger Online and Paper Tiger desktop affiliate programs and update your affiliate link on your website to the link or banner from your Paper Tiger Online Account.  The Reseller Program is through Monticello Corporation.

Get Training for Implementing Paper & Digital Tiger with Your Clients

Why reinvent the wheel when you can learn from those who have been organizing offices and implementing Paper & Digital Tiger.

I believe there is no cookie-cutter solution to organize or one size fits all methodology.  There is only what works for you and each of your clients.  So, why reinvent the wheel and waste time and money when you can learn from those who are Paper Tiger Experts and have worked in many different industries and types of clients.


Increase awareness when you use the official Certified Paper Tiger Expert Seal

Access to your own private group of “Certified Paper Tiger Experts” page and on our private Facebook Group!

As If That Weren’t Enough, Here are 8 Additional Reasons That You  Will Want To Become Paper Tiger Certified.

  • We understand just how powerful Paper Tiger Certification can be to an organizing business and it’s revenues.  We approach our training, community and support with this in mind.
  • Simply Productive offers exclusive training to Paper Tiger Experts – not found elsewhere. We will teach you organizing methods and processes for the following program modules listed below.
  • Our training goes well beyond that of Paper Tigers.  This is EXCLUSIVE TRAINING you cannot find elsewhere.
  • Our training is geared towards your organizing and productivity business. We train the professionals, not home users – we leave the home use training up to you and your business.
  • For your convenience our Training video’s, audio’s and/or handouts are available for you to download immediately and start your training.  Calls have been recorded, MP3 audio and video downloads are available for you 24/7 in the private training area.  After the 7 module training program, you’ll have access to monthly training and Q&A calls.
  • PLUS  your certification fee through Simply Productive gives you access to any updated training within the calendar year and future updates will be free to all those who annually renew through Simply Productive.
  • Be the first to know what’s new with Paper & Digital Tiger and access to a live monthly Q & A call each month.
  • AND – as a Certified Expert through Simply Productive, you get access to the Simply Productive Paper Tiger Community.  This is an exclusive community where active Paper Tiger Experts can network, learn from one another, learn from Simply Productive and get instant notification of updates.

 Need to know more about the training?
Here’s what we will cover…

Module One: 

Getting Started with Paper & Digital Tiger and Your Support Team

Meet Jim Grady, the President and Maker of the Paper & Digital Tiger filing system.  Learn the story behind this amazing filing system and his vision into the future.  Then meet your support team and learn how easy it is to get your clients set up using the Paper & Digital Tiger. You`ll also receive our recommended supplies list for setting up your filing systems.

Module Two:

Getting Started with Paper Tiger Online

Learn how to set up and customize your Paper Tiger Online account so it works for you and your clients. You`ll also learn how to set up multiple users, setting preferences and creating multiple databases.  Discover how easy it is to print reports, file labels and get your filing system started.

Module Three: 

How to Organize Your Clients Paper Filing System Using Paper Tiger Online

Learn how to customize your clients paper filing system so it works for them.  Then how to quickly get their filing system set up.

Module Four: 

How to Use Paper Tiger for Organizing Storage Rooms and Archives

Learn how to customize Paper Tiger to organize storage rooms and archives files, boxes and other items for your clients.

Module Five: 

How to Organize Your Clients Computer Documents Using Digital Tiger

Learn how to find computer files, email and paper files using Digital Tiger.  Works with Google Docs and Paper Tiger Online.   An exciting new program!

Module Six:

Learn from Paper Tiger Experts and How They Use Paper & Digital Tiger

These Paper Tiger Experts will share how they implement and use Paper & Digital Tiger with their clients and quick tips and different ways they use Paper &  Digital Tiger in an office or home.

Module Seven:

Take the Online Certification Test when you are ready.

Listen to an audio from Sherry Borsheim on how to prepare for the test and what types of questions you may be asked.  The format of the test is multiple choice and selecting the best answer.  It is not intended to trick you or confuse you.  We want you to have a good understanding of key functions in Paper Tiger and implementation with customers and clients.

 All That Is Left Is To Take Action! 

This amazing opportunity includes everything you see above, for a nominal one-time set-up fee of $197 

This covers your license, training and ongoing support for an entire year.
PLUS as an extra bonus, annual renewal fees will also be reduced to $127.
But you must act NOW to get this offer.

Get Enrolled Today!


Notice From Paper Tiger:

We are actively seeking Certified Paper Tiger Experts across Canada (in each province), United States (for every state) Europe, Australia, and New Zealand.   

Leverage our brand to grow your business and help others all around the world succeed!  Be part of a dynamic group of savvy entrepreneurs and learn from one another.

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