What People Are Saying…

“What words do I use to describe how you calmly and elegantly position things and individuals in the most appropriate place to make them easy to find and brightly shine? How do I explain that from the moment you enter someone’s space you show respect and then quickly work away to conquer and make ‘calm out of their chaos’? How do I articulate to people that inviting you into their home or business would be the best investment they could make and would ultimately save them so much time, energy and money?

I can’t.  You saved me from spending thousands of dollars on unnecessary software & time management programs. You came into my office and went to work setting up a system that was just right for my business.  You helped me focus and find more time by implementing the simple organizational steps from your book Conquer Your Chaos.   All I can say is that I am so thankful to have met you; proud to know you and honoured to call you my friend.”

Jan Addams, Image to Interior Inc.


We hired Sherry to revamp our two offices. This involved sorting through all our old files – determining what was active; what should be archived; and what should be tossed. We even managed to file stacks of articles and periodicals that had been languishing in the To-Be-Filed tray for years!

It used to be that when a committee member asked for a specific document, we had to search all our files to find it. Now, with a new improved paper management system, we can now search and retrieve documents quickly. We got rid of the clutter and created lots more physical breathing room and a pleasant and positive working space. Having an organized office space is certainly liberating. It has helped us operate more efficiently and save at least an hour a day.  The organizing journey was surprisingly easy and fun. Thanks to Sherry for helping us Conquer our Chaos!”

Melanie Lam
Administrative and Professional Staff Association – Simon Fraser University

“The amount of time Sherry has freed up for us which would otherwise have been spent searching for files and other effects, has, well, quite simply, made us more productive.  Locating archived files even many years old is a simple, quick and rewarding process.  You don’t realize how well it works until that first time you use it to go look for something and lo and behold its location is right there in front of you.”

Rick Honsinger, Formation Metals Inc.


“As an interior design firm working with a wide variety of different elements, we have thousands of moving pieces in our office at any given time. Sherry whipped us into shape, creating organizational systems and finding a place for everything, including samples, our papers and our computer files. Through this process, she increased not only our productivity, but also our ability to stay focused and calm amidst the natural chaos of our business. I doubt many people could accomplish such a feat!

Who Sherry is and how she works is just as impressive as what she does – she was always calm, cool, patient and respectful. We have recommended Sherry’s services to a number of our clients and business colleagues. Hiring Sherry was a smart business decision and an overall amazing experience for us.

GoodSpace Interior Design

Why Hire a Productivity and Life Coach?

“Out of clutter find simplicity.
From discord find harmony.
In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity.

– Albert Einstein

If you want to get a huge jump start on your organizing project or streamline your office systems, I can show you how to create organizing solutions that work for you!

As a Productivity and Life Coach, I work with individuals, consultants, and executives, to streamline their offices, automate their processes and implement effective organizing solutions that produce results and work for you.

Do you want to take your productivity to a whole new level?  Do you want to spend less time looking for things and more time on what’s important?  Would you like to decrease your stress and anxiety and gain peace of mind?  I can show you how to do that with simplicity and ease.

I’ll help you discover what habits increase momentum and productivity and what habits are getting in the way.  We’ll also work together to set up organizing solutions, systems and processes that WORK FOR YOU and/or your team.  I’ll also help you QUICKLY set up your desk, organize your papers, emails and computer files with ease.  The best part of working with me is I help you get the job done faster and quicker than you can do it yourself!

Together, we can:

  • Customize and organize your email, computer files, calendar, contacts, tasks, notes and ideas using Outlook, Google, Microsoft Life or other email programs on both PC’s and Mac computers
  • Streamline your workspace, paperwork and set up your filing systems
  • Get a handle on all your projects and actions to create a system that works for you
  • Create your own “ideal work week” using time blocking techniques
  • Set up your financial filing systems at home and for small business to reduce daily stress
  • Learn time-saving short-cuts and ”dashboards” on your computer
  • Utilize effective project planning tools
  • Effectively track and manage your receipts – professional and personally
  • Discover how our bookkeeping services will totally simplify your life and help you manage your finances
  • Then tying it all together into a system that works for you!

We can implement the organizing systems and processes with you, for you, or you can D.I.Y. between sessions.  Either way, our organizing solutions will help you:

  • Enhance your existing systems and processes
  • Reduce time-wasters
  • Streamline and personalize your office
  • Work towards your desired outcome
  • Boost your productivity and effectiveness

Is Working with a Productivity and Life Coach Right for You?

  • Do you waste time finding what you need when you need it?
  • Feel anxious and lay awake at night trying to remember what you need to do the next day?
  • Are you ready to take your productivity and/or business to the next level?
  • Do you forget important follow-up?
  • Do you feel like you are spinning your wheels and focusing on too many things?
  • Are you overwhelmed and stuck, not sure where to start or how to get organized?
  • Do you dread tax season, getting your papers organized and filed on time?
  • Think you may be losing money due to missed opportunities, late fees, rush charges, etc. etc. etc.?
  • Would you like to get a huge jump start, save time, save money, decrease your stress and increase your productivity and effectiveness?

How Does this Process Work?

Consulting is done either on-site, via phone or Skype.  Then we assess your business systems and processes to see what is currently working, what can be enhanced and what’s not working for you right now.  Our approach is non-judgmental and friendly.  Then, we determine your outcomes and begin creating the most efficient path to reaching your desired results.

We will work together to design your office organizing systems and processes so they work for you and/or your team. During the process you will break through limiting habits, free yourself up for what’s important, have fun and increase your success!

Productivity Consulting  Services Include:

  • Personalized one-on-one sessions
  • Resources to implement your organizing systems
  • Time-test organizing and productivity that will streamline and grow your business


PLUS, I will guide you so that you get the RIGHT supplies. You will NEVER waste money again on the wrong organizing solutions.

My Commitment to You:

As a consultant and coach, I am passionate about helping and supporting you simplify and organize your office, home and life so you can do what you do best!

I work with highly motivated entrepreneurs, small business owners, working professionals, admin staff, professional organizers and working moms to…

  • Simplify, streamline and organize their offices, homes and life
  • Enhance existing systems and processes
  • Reduce stress, anxiety and overwhelm
  • Help them master their schedule personally and professionally for maximum results
  • Personalize their systems so they are easy to maintain, or we can maintain them for you
  • Streamline their financial files and reduce the burden come tax time
  • Automate and grow their businesses


Ready to take your life and business to the next level?

Contact Sherry today to set up your FREE 30-minute Productivity Strategy Session. 

After this session, you will:

  • Clarity on what area(s) of organizing and productivity to start with
  • Feel empowered to take the next step to improving workflow, streamlining processes, boosting energy, and growing your business

Schedule your 30 FREE session now by calling Sherry at 604-233-7076 
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